Warhol Portraits

This was a project that introduced color schemes to my high school students. A famous person was chosen as their subject and in the spirit of Andy Warhol, they created small paintings and applied a different color scheme to each.

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Che Han C.

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Lora B.

DSCN1025.jpg (13252 bytes)

Scott L.

DSCN1026.jpg (13323 bytes)

Jason C.

DSCN1029.jpg (16116 bytes)

Nisha C.

DSCN1030.jpg (13896 bytes)

Lynn F.

DSCN1031.jpg (17165 bytes)

Anthony G.

DSCN1028.jpg (14907 bytes)

Dylan K.R.

DSCN1032.jpg (16013 bytes)

Katie P.

DSCN1033.jpg (14808 bytes)

Taylor C.

DSCN1034.jpg (13677 bytes)

Christian L.

DSCN1035.jpg (13615 bytes)

Gabi L.

DSCN1036.jpg (16235 bytes)

Paul G.

DSCN1037.jpg (16876 bytes)

Rebecca M.

DSCN1039.jpg (14781 bytes)

Molly S.

DSCN1038.jpg (14196 bytes)

Carri W.

DSCN1040.jpg (14323 bytes)

Rachel B.

DSCN1041.jpg (12986 bytes)

Kevin N.