APES Unit 1
Introduction to Environmental Science

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T 8/12

What A Wonderful World



What is Science PPT

Mung Bean in Bag

Observe for a week

Know for Quizzes


First 17 only


Sustainable, Human needs,

Ecological Footprint,

Science, Investigations,

 subjectivity, interactions

Graphing, Measuring Impact

Sustainability, Economics,

supply demand, Wealth,

productivity, Kuznets Curve,

natural capital

Agencies, laws, regulations, Worldviews, Precautionary Principle, World Agencies,

US Agencies, US Policy Process,

Deterrents, incentives, subsidies,

poverty, Environmental Injustice


Scientific Method

Cost-benefit Analyses

Unsustainable Frontier Ethics

Project Chariot

Cultural Factors

UCLA Co-Generation Facility

Land Ethics

Petition Congress

Mine Restoration

GW & Env Law

The Fight to Preserve...


Indigenous People

Environmental Laws & Regulations



Economic Forces


Environmental Ethics

Measuring (and Reducing) the Human Footprint


Cultural and Aesthetic Considerations

Multiple Stresses on Interconnected Systems


Issues and Options


Environmental Laws and Regulations

W 8/13

How to Convert Units - Made Easy



States for Green President

Nations for United Nations Project


Explain email, Clickers, Field trips, Review Game

Turn in

Sex Letter


Lab Donation


Class Rules




Th 8/14

2013 math FRQ

Computer time to work on Green President

592 -613

F 8/15

Computer time to work on Green President

Assembly Schedule:

M 8/18

PowerPoint: Introduction to Environmental Science

Story of Stuff

T 8/19

Branches of Government

Economics PowerPoint

EPA Scenario (Table Group)



Global Climate Change ppt

Turn in by 8/24 midnight

to your class’s

Gmail email

UN questions

Global warming, Global climate change,

Global Warming Potential,

Methane, SOx, Nitrous oxide, water vapor, Deforestation, Agriculture, New CFCs,

IPCC, Kyoto, CO2 Anomaly, Ice cores,

Climate Models, Positive Feedback,

Negative Feedback, Polar Ice Caps,

Glaciers, Permafrost, Sea levels,

Heat waves, Cold spells, Storm Intensity,

Ocean currents, Ocean acidification, Consequences, Carbon sequestration,

464 -483

Global Climate Change

Greenhouse Effects

Ted Talk

Allan Savory: How to green the desert and reverse climate change


Answering Climate Change Skeptics: Naomi Oreskes

Largest Calving

Ocean Acidification and Life

Conversion of GCC Skeptic

Temperatures Highest in 4000 years

CARVE –Permafrost

CO2 in Nature

Controlling Pollutants


Global Climate Change


NASA Global CC


W 8/20

Th 8/21

Green President

F 8/22

Green President

M 8/25

Review Game

GCC Video

narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio





T 8/26

Unit 1 Test







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