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Plato and Moon Phases Links for CSTA Presentation on Sunday, October 27, 2013

ArcView GIS Links

Google Earth Links

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Links

·  GIS Basics: Go here to learn more about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and what it can do for your students!

·  ESRI: Go here to find out more about the ArcView 3.2 Geographic Information System (GIS) software that we will be using!

·  ArcView Activity: Go here to sign up for a free introductory course on ArcView GIS

·  Data Download for Activity: Go here to download the data for the activity

·  Mapping Our World: GIS Lessons for Educators

·  ArcLessons: Go here for downloadable GIS lessons

·  Google Earth: Go here to download Google Earth!

·  Google Earth Themes: Go here to download KML themes

·  Satellites around the Earth: Click this to download a Google Earth® File showing just how many satellites orbit the Earth!

·  Google for Educators: Go here for ideas on how to integrate Google Geospatial Tools into your teaching!

·  Google Earth Lessons: Go here for lots of information and ready-to-use lessons!

·  Google Earth in the Social Studies classroom:

·  Google Lit Trips: This site is great for tying geography to literature!

·  Google Earth Lesson Books: I have these if you would like to look at them.

·  Google Earth Geology Files: My favorite spot!

·  Google Earth Worksheets: Lesson plans for teaching geology!

·  What is GPS?: Go here to find out what GPS is and how it can help you to find yourself in this world!

·  GPS: The New Navigation: Go here for an interactive Shockwave tutorial on how GPS works.

·  Garmin eTrex®: Go here to find out more about the GPS units that we are using in class.

·  Geocaching: Go here to find out about the latest craze called Geocaching!

·  Earth Caching: Go here for earth science content specific caches

·  Fun with GPS: Lots of fun GPS activities!

·  Educaching: This site has lesson ideas on how to integrate GPS into your curriculum.

·  GPS Math Modules: Use GPS for math modules, such as calculating the circumference of the Earth!

ArcGIS Online Links

·         ArcGIS Online: The portal to access ArcGIS Online. Just follow the link sent to you in your school email to sign up for your account. Once you have signed up for an account, you will use this link to get to the program on the Cloud.

·         What is GIS?: Helpful link for an introduction to GIS and what it can do for teaching and learning.

·         Story Maps: Go here to get some ideas about how you want to have students tell a story using maps.

·         ESRI GIS for Schools Program: A good site for getting an overview of how GIS is used in education.

·         ESRI GIS EdCommunity: A great portal for data and ArcLessons lesson plans

·         ArcGIS Online Five by Five Activities: Introductory activities to help you get started with ArcGIS Online.

·         Mapping with ArcGIS Online: Introduction to how to map with ArcGIS Online.

·         Using ArcGIS Online for Instruction: This shows the different levels of ArcGIS Online. Luckily, we have a site license and have no restrictions. Jeff is currently working on a way to get students signed on to ArcGIS Online using their Microsoft Active Directory Accounts using a SAML based login. Stay tuned.

·         Fun with GIS: Five Faves of USA: These are some favorite maps of the USA that you can use right now.

·         Fun with GIS: Five Faves of World Maps: These are some favorite maps of the World that you can use right now.

·         ESRI Atlas: A view to many maps

·         GIS Careers: Why students need to know how to use GIS. They might actually get a job with it someday!

·         GIS at USC: Jamie will like this!

·         Harvard GIS Tutorials: Nice site for GIS tutorials from Harvard U

·         Introduction to Geographic Information Systems: YouTube video summarizing the basics of GIS

·         StoryMaps in the Classroom: Good article on how to use StoryMaps in the classroom

·         Geographic Inquiry Process: Nice flow chart explaining how to use GIS for inquiry lessons

·         Connecting GIS to STEM Education: For you science and math and engineering teachers out there.

·         Connecting GIS to Environmental Education: For you APES teachers out there.

·         Mapping our World: Scroll down for ArcGIS Online lessons in beta testing. We have been using these for years on the desktop version.

·         Earth Science Applications: Cool site for Earth Science application ideas.

·         ESRI Instructional Resources: Find resources tailored to your subject here.

·         Instructional Use of GIS: See the different levels of how you can use GIS in your classroom.

·         T3G Institute: Share your knowledge of GIS with others in this professional development opportunity next summer and learn a whole lot about GIS at the same time.

·         iGETT Program: Integrated Geospatial Education and Technology Training