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8th Grade Sketch Assignments

Sketch #1: As your first assignment this should be done on the right side...

Free Sketch: Draw anything (on one page only) that shows evidence of effort that is demonstrated by the following: creativity, use of space (draw large), craftsmanship (neatness and quality), and accuracy...this could take longer than 30 minutes. (Due: Sept. 17--PER. 4 and 6 AND Sept. 18--PER. 3)

Sketch #2: Due on Block...October 1 or 2

Draw 3 hands on one page (PURE LINE DRAWING): requirements include overlapping, different positions or hand gestures, and include the wrists. (You may use sign language.) NO SHADING...only line drawing.
See Examples: But Don't Use Color!


mod13.JPG (18824 bytes)

mod15.JPG (11193 bytes)

Sketch #3: Due on Block...October 28 and 30 (Tuesday and Thursday) Complete a Face

Sketch #4: Draw a kitchen appliance that is not box shaped (can be a toaster, blender, coffee maker, bread maker, pasta maker, etc...has to be electric...may not be a refrigerator, built-in ovens, dishwasher, trash compactor...) Due on Block Day, November 19 or 20.