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Welcome to the 

7-8 Newspaper Page!


Volume 3 Issue 1


Newspaper Class Syllabus is HERE!

(Bring to class, signed by you and your parents: due 9-3-08)



Take the survey: download it here.

Find a job that suits you: go here and copy the list in your notes and then select your favorite as a possible job for our newspaper.


Design a Newspaper Page: Adobe InDesign Tutorial Here!

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New Documents:

How to conduct an interview.

How to edit your own a story.

How to copy edit.


Time to turn in your rough draft (did you use the template?)...go to Adobe Bridge and transfer your work over to my folder. See screenshot.


Homework for the weekend: You will have to print out the following handouts (you do not have to fill them out...yet) and put them in your binders.  Each printed handout is worth a point. 


Good Adobe Indesign Tutorials Here...

Inverted Pyramid



Go here and look at the newspaper from another middle school. 


Newspaper Links.

News Story Elements We will read this together but you should continue to look over this as you develop your own stories.

An 8th Grade Story List

How to Find Stories

Tips for Interviewing

Format Template for your article. When you open it, save it to your network folder. It will open as a .dot file (word document template). Then save it as a word document (.doc file).

Go here to view sample high school newspapers.

You and a Partner will gather information together on a nearly daily basis. Pay attention to dates. You will be expected to finish certain activities

Copy the selected terms that are highlighted and paste it to a word document: titled--Newspaper Vocabulary (You may do this with a partner...print-out two copies and submit into your binders.)
Choose a partner who will have similar interests as you. You will be co-writing most of your articles and sharing bylines.
We will be looking at the differences between two types of writing types in a newspaper: News vs. Features Download the following worksheet and open a new document.
Homework: Download and read. Think about a story (feature) to write. Get ready to fill this out tomorrow during block period.