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8th Grade Project Lessons

7th Grade Lesson: Go Here


2nd Semester/2008

Week 1 (February 4-8)

2/4: Class Overview and Syllabus

2/5 and 2/6: Block Day--Photoshop TV episode, Turning on the computer, Photoshop CS2--Identifying the Workspace

2/7: Lesson #1 The Crop Tool: We will use the following picture to copy (Right click).

Our lesson and project can be found here.

2/8: Bottle Project information here.

Week 2 (February 11-14)

Monday, 2-11: We will learn how to customize a gradient. This goes on the background.

Finish the Bottle Project: Due at the end of period today! Drag your project into my folder. (Drag your file from your :M drive and drop it into my Student W>DiConti>:T drive> Photoshop 8>Choose the correct period. Once it's in, I will not allow you to resend.)

Don't forget to Flatten Image. Go to Layer in the Menu and Find>Flatten Image.

Tuesday, 2-12: Download and Save to file the following Evaluation Form for your Bottles Project. (This is to be printed and turned in during the first 10 minutes of class today.) Document Size: W= 8.5 in. H= 11 in. @ 72 p/i

Video Tutorial: This is done as a class on the big screen, but you may watch again (muted) at a later time in class if you don't understand. It will not be graded or turned in but may be used for your portfolio.

Block, 2-13 and 2-14:

What is a Mandala? See Student Gallery Samples

Mandala Lesson

Week 3 (February 19-22)

Tuesday, 2-19

A Different Mandala Lesson: Introduction to Filters

Friday, 2-22 Mandala Filter Assignment

Due at the end of the period. 

Choose a picture from

 If you don't remember the steps, go to tutorial. (above link)

  1. Go to the Archive folder and  choose "Animals". 
  2. Use the texture/patterns of the animal to create a Mandala using filters. 
  3. Just like the tutorial...remember to "make the four" three times. 
  4. You will be applying two filters for the first two "make the four" (four total). 
  5. On the 3rd "make the four" , name it "first initial last name, underscore, "mandala filter"...example: djones_mandala filter.)
  6. Don't forget to flatten your image in the end!
  7. Transfer to my folder.

Monday, 2-25 Make a study guide for the quiz we take on Friday. 

Copy what's on the board.

Activity: Using the pen tool (p)...We will watch two videos and then practice using the tool.

Tuesday, 2-26: Test on Friday

Lesson: Practice using the pen tool.

Download picture.
Do the following after you enlarge the photo: Copy, Ctrl+N, File name: apple, hit the "return" key, and Ctrl+V.
Use the pen tool to make a path (not a shape) around the apple.
Go to the bottom of your path palette and select the third option (refer to the screen shot here).
Use your shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + J) to put your apple on its own layer.
Create other apples and different colors.

2-27-28 (BLOCK)

Arcimboldo Project: Go here. Gallery from last year's project. (Here)

2-29 (Happy Leap Year!)

Fun Friday Fotoshop eFfects: 

Video Tutorial: 

Icy Text
Making an old photo

Week 4 (March 3-7)

Block, 3-4 and 3-5: Finish Your Arcimboldo (first half)...if you finish early try the tutorials above.

Practice a Postcard(2nd Half)...We'll do this together.

March 6-7: Continue Making A Postcard. (Tutorial and Requirements Here)

Week 5 (March 10-14)

Monday, March 10: Finish your postcard today. (Tutorial)

Please be sure to review the requirements! Don't forget that your portfolios are due tomorrow!

Do the Fire Text if you finish early.

Tuesday, March 11: Montage Practice

Block 3-12 and 3-13: Montage Assignment.

Week 6 (March 17-21)

Monday, March 17: Finish your Montage. (Due today!)

If you finish early, do the following tutorial. (not for a grade)

Block Period March 19 and 20: Type Animal (instructions)

4th Quarter

Week 1: (April 14-18) Practice Spoof

Spoof Gallery

Spoof Assignment

Week 2: (April 21-25)

"Jumping Out of a Frame" practice

Your assignment is here.

Week 3: (April 28-May 2)

Make a caricature from an inanimate object: fruit, vegetable, household object, tool, etc...First do the practice

Tuesday: Look at the following cartoons. Get an idea from the pictures. 

Personification Project Here